Cosfibel Group

We design and manufacture exclusive packaging and promotional accessories. 

Our markets: Cosmetics and Wine & Spirits. 

We offer global expertise: design and conception, sourcing and production, logistics and merchandising

Our products : bags, set up boxes and POS, textile, jewels and accessories

Creativity: a permanent creative committee, in-house design teams in Paris, New York, Barcelona and Sao Paulo and patented innovations. Our creative work is regularly rewarded by industry prizes.
A worldwide presence : our offices around the world allow us to be close to our clients, while implementing a diversified and sustainable global sourcing strategy. 
Ethical sourcing: our partners are rigorously screened for their ethical commitment and Fair Trade practices. Our CARES program works to improve conditions for vulnerable populations
  • A partner of Diageo for several years now, Cosfibel Premium manufactured the prestige coffret for the 2013 holiday season that guarantees an exclusive tasting voyage
  • A new success for Cosfibel Premium’s Ultralight—BELVEDERE selected the coffret for its Duty Free offer. Proof that Ultralight can be consumed without moderation!
  • Packaging in perpetual motion as seen by Cosfibel Premium Cosfibel Premium is enriching its offer of coffrets that ‘move’. Designed by Cosfibel Premium’s creative committee, Pivot Tray Box is both packaging and display and joins the range of mechanized coffrets. See this new creation at Luxe Pack Monaco, along with other solutions that offer surprises when opened.
  • ULTRALIGHT foldable Even stronger Two years after the launch of Ultralight coffret, Cosfibel Premium is offering a new version that is entirely foldable and glue-free.
  • Interparfums selected Cosfibel Premium to create the coffret for Rêve, the latest women’s fragrance from Van Cleef & Arpels. This coffret is the embodiment of grace and delicacy with a poetic touch.
  • For this year’s edition of Luxe Pack, Cosfibel Premium revisited its creations from last year. The new launches all share the same credo: to bring more coherence, usefulness and visible added value to the market.
  • Pour Pack&Gift, le comité de création de Cosfibel Premium présentent 3 solutions Packaging qui ne laissent aucun doute : la star, c’est bien le produit !
  • For many years Cosfibel Premium has created promotional offers, coffrets and gifts for Paco Rabanne, always with an eye to the brand’s strategy of boosting both sales and consumer loyalty.
  • For Reminiscence*, Cosfibel Premium conceived a «jewelry box» coffret to house its fragrance offer just in time for Mother’s Day 2014.
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label – Private Case

A very private edition

Platinum Label is an integral part of the traditions of Johnny Walker’s founders, who conceived «Private Blends» for the company’s in-house celebrations. From generation to generation, the Walker family has always strived to keep the reserve’s great whiskeys for very special occasions. 

To top off this unique experience, Johnnie Walker created a limited edition and selected  Cosfibel Premium to manufacture the Private Case. This plastic injected coffret, lined in anthracite gray PU with grainy leather effect, evokes a traveling trunk with its silver metal riveted corners and its handle featuring a metal label. The only ornament on the coffret is a laser-engraved steel label.

It is wholly original with a surprising opening developed by Cosfibel Premium. To open the coffret, there is a key, or rather the label, which is a magnetic plate to be inserted in the slit on the side of the coffret. Once the key is positioned, it doubles as a handle that sets off a gently sliding lateral opening. 

The bottle then appears inside padded gray pearl nubuck and decorated with an embossed logo.

To close the coffret, the key is not needed—one simply pushes the drawer until the lock’s click is heard. 

Creation: Design office CHIC  

Vodka Belvedere - Dresses up

Polish vodka takes it lightly

BELVEDERE’s travel-retail coffret is comprised of two Ultralight* elements: band and sleeve. This is an innovative display—when open the coffret gives ample visibility to its contents, showcasing the frosted glass bottle. The strong visual impact is accentuated by the mirror effect created by the foil that lines the inside of the band, which helps the bottle stand out even more. 

The sober design features a single decorative touch—the white logo printed on paper in the brand’s signature color. 

*Ultralight: a patented solution

Cosfibel Premium developed a patented solution that combines luxury and ecological packaging: Ultralight is a cardboard coffret that is both thick and surprisingly light.

Lightweight, protective and with a streamlined design, thick walls and sharp edges, the coffret has numerous assets. Made of just one material, Ultralight is easily recyclable. This cardboard coffret is also appealing due to its opulent, high-quality conception and pure lines. 

Ultralight has already been selected by Moët&Chandon, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker and  Swiss skincare brand Valmont.  

Pivot Tray Box

Because the product is the star, Cosfibel Premium strives to offer new ways of presenting the item. Pivot Tray Box was conceived for the wine and spirits market.

When the two lateral flaps are opened, the bottle’s receptacle tilts at a slight angle. Two leather hinges allow this tilting movement, which recalls the ceremonial gesture that a sommelier makes when presenting a bottle. The bottle then settles back in when the flaps are shut. 

This coffret is made of MDF , and is also available in cardboard or plastic. The basin is covered in paper on the outside and the flaps on the inside are sheathed in PU. 

The wedge is made of EVA foam. Magnet closure.

Patented model
Ultralight Foldable

Launched in 2009 and awarded the Pack&Green Prize in 2011, Ultralight  has since been selected by Moët & Chandon, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker and Swiss luxury skincare company Valmont.  The reason behind its success? Ultralight is a patented packaging that is both luxurious and ecological. Indeed, this carton board coffret is surprisingly lightweight while remaining stiff and thick and features a highly streamlined design with wide edges, sharp angles. It is also easily recycled! 

In addition to all of these assets, this version is entirely foldable and 100% produced in Asia or Europe without cutting corners when it comes to aesthetics or perceived value. 

To safeguard the sharp angles and allow the folding coffret to be more practical, it was conceived with the technique of « scoring ».  This folding system relies on two  grooves of 45° each that create a perfect right angle when mounted. 

And to assemble the edges, no more glue. Thanks to a detent system the coffret is mounted in the blink of an eye. 

The result? Cosfibel Premium now offers an eco-conceived packaging solution with a modern design and which can be delivered flat, which is a space saver, cuts down on transportation costs and provides premium packaging.

Materials:   Base: board. Sheath: FSC card. Decoration: water-based ink.

Cosfibel patent 

Rêve from Van Cleef & Arpels

The «Rêve» coffret stands out thanks to its majestic lily flower decor, which recalls the fragrance’s white floral notes. To reveal the contents of the coffret, Cosfibel Premium opted for printed, cut-out card that is glued onto transparent. This technical solution creates a window through which the powdery pink glass is visible, in addition to a stunning surface on which the floral motif is printed. The logo is hot-stamped in silver. The refined, cut-out card on the lid and at the back of the coffret gives it an ultra-feminine lacy touch.

Base: cardboard Lid: card and APET window 

Contains: 50ml EdP  + 100ml Body Lotion  

Luxepack 2013 launches

REVERSO’s dual personality - New: 100% foldable

Reverso offers 2-in-1 packaging. Thanks to a hinge and folding system, the coffret is reversible. 

In terms of advantages for the client, Reverso offers two coffrets for the price of one, and provides twice the surface space for communication and decoration purposes. This is an ideal solution for promotional campaigns as well as dual themes: Men’s/Women’s, Pink/Brut champagne… Reverso can be assembled in store in the blink of an eye. 

New at Luxe Pack 2013: 100% reversible and folding, shell included.

Cosfibel patent


MULTI-DISPLAY: placing the product in pole position - New: What a wedge!

A shell and a thermoformed lid make up this coffret.  Its originality is in the ways the lid can be positioned. This modular approach allows not only a diversified presentation of the product, but can also be adapted to different merchandising needs. 

New at Luxe Pack 2013: a wedge (which serves as both wedge and lid)  that is faceted to highlight the product even more.  

Materials: Ultralight or wood base . Lid: injected plastic or embossed metal.

Cosfibel patent


CURTAIN BLIND BOX: a theatrical opening                    New: curtain game

Curtain box is a board coffret featuring a  sliding curtain opening that recalls wooden roll-top desks. 

The new version of curtain blind box offers a paper accordion-folded curtain  and a sliding mechanism to activate both opening and closure.

This playful system allows one to open and close the coffret by degrees. This means that the curtain can be customized and decorated to allow the contents to be visible even when closed. 

Registered trademark 

Pack&Gift 2014 Preview

Silhouette box

This coffret stands out for its clever design that give a sneak peek at its contents through cut-out flaps. Without showing the product directly, the coffret puts it on center stage and pays homage to the iconic contours of its silhouette.This version features carton board, but Silhouette box can come in different variations: transparent materials for the base, metal or MDF flaps.Silhouette box is comprised of a base and two laterally opening flaps that stay in place thanks to card stoppers.

 Double discovery box

This coffret/point-of-sale animation offers 180° product visibility. Offered in carton board, this packaging solution opens thanks to two flaps that can then be folded back.It has a dual advantage: contents are on center stage and the packaging takes up the same amount of space whether it is open or closed, thanks to a set of magnets. The wedge mousse base and band clipped onto the bottle neck keep the product in place.

 Ultralight display box

The Ultralight family continues to grow. Cosfibel’s patented packaging solution is in high demand from brands because it is extremely lightweight and its affluent design is now available for point-of sale-displays.Hollow on both sides, Ultralight display box shows off its contents to their advantage.The exposure is even more attractive thanks to transparent wedges that make the product appear to ‘levitate’. 

Coffret and gifts for Paco Rabanne

The scent of victory

With Invictus, Puig created a men’s fragrance evoking the power of sports and the thrill of victory. The 2014 Father’s Day coffret reflects this theme through its resemblance with a sports locker. Made of a base and a lid, the brut varnished metal packaging is a perfect copy of a locker found in a typical locker room down to the aeration slats above and below made by embossing the material and its spring lock closure system. Contents: EdT & ancillary product.

The coffret is a keepsake that can house many a trophy!For the gift offer, Cosfibel Premium created a key ring made of a whistle, laser engraved bottle-trophy and a resin patch inscribed with the brand’s name.This is enclosed in a gunmetal hotstamped decorated case.

Small accessories collection for Lady Million

Intimately linked to the designer’s DNA, this collection in mesh metal will speak to all lovers of the brand. The extra-flat line is comprised of an evening bag, case and coin purse that make no concessions when it comes to finishing: cotton-lined, metal gilded zipper and puller, with the logo engraved on both sides. 

Reminiscence Mother’s Day Coffret

Gift coffret & display

For the last 40 years, Reminiscence has created travel-inspired jewelry that reflects artisan savoir faire from around the world. The brand also offers a collection of natural-inspired fragrances created in Grasse, France.

For its Mother’s Day offer this year, Reminiscence wanted a coffret with strong added value that could become a keepsake.

Cosfibel Premium thought to blend the brand’s two product specialties by offering a

streamlined packaging design. Conceived as a jewelry box donning a printed ribbon, the coffret resembles a gift all wrapped up.  

The mounted board coffret is on two levels, a top level with a magnetic closure lid and a drawer underneath.When opened, the coffret, whose lid can be slid underneath so the box resembles a display case, reveals a refined interior with wedges covered in printed material.

The same attention to detail was given to the delicately decorated ‘secret’ drawer underneath.

The Patchouli coffret, containing the brand’s famed women’s fragrance, is dressed in coral and hotstamped silver “stardust”.A blue that recalls warm tropical waters covers the Rem coffret, containing the brand’s summery unisex fragrance that pays homage to the relaxed vibe at Saint Bart’s in the Caribbean.

These intimate coffrets can be transformed into a jewerly box or a box of secrets…


*Jeweler and master perfumer since 1970, Reminiscence has retail corners in France and abroad. The coffrets contain a 100ml flacon + spray and are available in boutiques and online at for €78.